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Invite to Lost Bird Project

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NY Times: Saving Our Birds


ITHACA, N.Y. — THE passenger pigeon is among the most famous of American birds, but not because of its beauty, or its 60-mile-an-hour flight speed. Nor is it a cherished symbol of our great country. No, we remember the passenger pigeon because of the largest-scale human-caused extinction in history. Possibly the most abundant bird ever to have existed, this gregarious pigeon once migrated in giant flocks that sometimes exceeded three billion, darkening the skies over eastern North America for days at a time. No wild bird in the world comes close to those numbers today. Yet 100 years ago this week, the very last pigeon of her kind died in her cage at the Cincinnati Zoo. Her name was Martha, and her passing merits our close attention today.


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BAS Program Thursday Oct. 16 6:30pm

Peregrine falconPeregrine!

Join us as Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist and Falconer Matt Reidy shares his knowledge of this awesome aerialist and hunter of the sky. Learn the peregrine’s natural history, adaptations for survival, why this species was threatened, conservation efforts for its recovery, and hope for the future. Matt will also discuss falconry (& might bring a peregrine to the meeting!) Free & Open to the public.

At TriPoint (NW corner of 281and N. St. Mary’s St)


San Antonio/Bexar Audubon Annual Dinner hummingbird painting by Daniel Adams

Tuesday Nov. 4 6pm

SA Zootennial Restaurant

Deadline for reservations is Tuesday, October 28.

Art and Nature take the stage this year as Hill Country residents Daniel and Carol Adams share their work during the annual gathering of our area Audubon groups. Daniel formerly headed an art department at Walt Disney Productions and now paints his passion—nature (& many birds!). Carol, a retired Texas Parks & Wildlife Naturalist and Educator, now writes about the natural world in addition to helping run the couple’s gallery at Buchanan Dam. For four decades Daniel has been creating with magnificent skill subjects that he enjoys. And birds are a thread that has run through his whole career. A bird conservationist at heart, he looks forward to sharing his inspiration and vision with kindred souls. You can see more of Daniel’s art at:

Come early for a stroll around the zoo from 6 PM until 7 PM. Enjoy the delicious “Pasta Station” dinner, including: *Salad and Antipasto with homemade bread, *3 Italian Entrées (including a vegetarian choice), *Dessert: Italian Sponge Cake with Berries and Zabaione (Italian custard), * Fresh Brewed Tea and Water. RSVP by Oct. 28 Please mail a check made out to SAAS for $22 for each ticket (guests are MOST welcome) to San Antonio Audubon Society, 5150 Broadway, #257, San Antonio TX 78209. If you have questions, please contact Patsy Inglet, at or (210) 698-8445.

Hoot & Harvest at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Buy raffle tickets for the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center Hoot & Harvest Festival (click on the image!)


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Keep cats healthy! Keep them indoors. Visit the 'Cats Indoors' website to learn more.

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Did you know that outdoor cats kill horned lizards and are a threat to the survival of the Texas State Reptile?