Bexar Audubon Society Field Trips

Tuesday, January 22, 9:00 AM
Downtown San Antonio Birds!
Join us to look for the Peregrine Falcon and other City of SA feathered inhabitants.  Space limited. RSVP to, or call 
210-837-0577 and we will send you the details. Combination of walking and driving.  We will meet to carpool from a central location.      

Sunday Feb 3, Meeting Time TBD
Winter Sparrows and More in Jackson Nature Park, Wilson County
Patsy and Tom Inglet will lead us through this 50-acre park on Cibolo Creek southeast of San Antonio at 9284 County Rd. 401, Stockdale, TX.  The park has interesting riparian and savanna habitat.  Please RSVP to BexarAudubonSociety@bexaraudubon.orgfor sign up and details on morning meeting time.  Carpooling will be an option.  We will travel SE on Highway 87 and may make a quick stop to look for ducks on the way. 

Saturday, March 10, 8:00 AM
Government Canyon Dinosaur Footprints Hike
 Join leader Fred Loxsom to hike up the Joe Johnson trail into the heart of Government Canyon where we will view the 110 million-year-old dinosaur footprints and explore the geology, plants and birds. Meet at the Backcountry Trailhead (inside the park) by 8:00 AM. You will need to have a Texas State Parks Pass or pay a $6/person entrance fee. 
The park gate opens at 7:00 AM. The hike is about 5.7 miles round-trip and of moderate difficulty.  Bring plenty of water and refreshing snacks, and wear sturdy shoes for hiking on rocky terrain.  The round trip takes between 3 and 5 hours.  We will finish in time for lunch in the picnic area near park headquarters.  Contact Fred to RSVP and for further information at or 860-455-3422 (text or call).

Birding in South Texas State Parks

Green Jay at King Ranch by Patty Leslie Pasztor
Green Jay at King Ranch by Patty Leslie Pasztor

Thursday, February 7 ● 7:00 PM
San Antonio Zoo Education Center
Birding in South Texas State Parks
Presenter: Ben Horstmann

Think you know the best places in South Texas to bird? Maybe so. But Ben Horstmann, Texas Parks & Wildlife Regional Interpretive Specialist for South Texas State Parks, will add some great places to your list. Take a birder’s tour of the State Parks of South Texas with an avid birder who visits them all on a regular basis. His presentation will be a wonderful preview to the events at the Choke Canyon Birding Festival on Feb. 9. Set your bird exploring sights on some South Texas parks! A map to the Zoo Education Center is here.

Tongues, Toes & Tales of Texas Woodpeckers

Downy Woodpecker in the ball moss.  By Greg Pasztor
Downy Woodpecker in the ball moss. By Greg Pasztor

Thursday, February 21 ● 7:00 PM
San Antonio Zoo Education Center
Tongues, Toes & Tales of Texas Woodpeckers:
Anatomy & Adaptation

Presenter: Steve Shunk

Woodpeckers possess a suite of adaptations that makes them one of the most specialized bird families in the world. Each species’ anatomy perfectly suits its unique lifestyle, with different woodpeckers possessing adaptations for aerial acrobatics, for drilling sap wells, or for extracting ants from underground burrows. Join North American woodpecker specialist Steve Shunk as we dive into the amazing world of woodpecker specialization. Steve is the author of the Peterson Reference Guide to Woodpeckers of North America and leader of birding tours with Paradise Birding.

Click Here for Directions to the Zoo Education Center.