Audubon Monthly Meeting & Program:  Panama Birding

picture of gartered trogon.
Gartered Trogon by John Prentice 

Thursday, June 7 ● 7:00 PM San Antonio Zoo Education Center 

Presenter: John Prentice, SAAS Member 

Imagine visiting differing habitats in Panama from high elevation to lowlands, plus the Panama Canal, and seeing 402 bird species! John Prentice presents  photos of a birding trip to Panama he took with his wife, Linda Gindler.

John has degrees in Aquatic and Marine Biology and says he was very fortunate to have an occupation he really enjoyed in fisheries management and research. Upon retirement, he has become a member of Texas Master Naturalists, enjoyed all kinds of outdoor activities with his family and is a “born again” birder. Linda and John like to combine birding with activities such as camping, travel and scuba diving.

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