BAS 2019 Annual Meeting

Bexar Audubon Society’s (BAS) 2019 annual meeting at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center on September 14 featured birding, brunch, guest speakers and a brief business meeting. Highlights included:

  • Rich Heilbrun, Conservation Outreach Program Leader for Texas Parks & Wildlife speaking about the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act and letting attendees know which legislators to contact to help get it passed
  • Jessica Wolanski from the San Antonio Zoo discussing her BAS-sponsored trip to Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine for Educator’s Week
  • Outgoing BAS President Anne Parrish presenting appreciation awards to Greg and Patsy Pasztor and Caryl Swann for their efforts on behalf of BAS
  • Election of BAS Board Members: Patsy Inglet, President; Greg Pasztor, Vice President; Fred Loxsom, Treasurer and Britt Coleman, Secretary

    Rich Heilbrun from Texas Parks & Wildlife talks about Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.
Caryl Swann holds the framed Golden-cheeked Warbler photo given to her by BAS in appreciation for the work she’s done for the organization.
Anne Parrish presents Greg and Patty Pasztor with a framed print in appreciation for their dedication to BAS.
BAS Treasurer Fred Loxsom presents the 2019-2020 BAS budget as Anne Parrish listens.