Bexar Audubon Society is the official chapter of the National Audubon Society in the San Antonio area.

Vision statement: We are a diverse and supportive community that values our natural world and works together to ensure a healthy habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Mission statement: The Bexar Audubon Society promotes the conservation of habitat for birds and other wildlife, supports National Audubon Society’s efforts and encourages responsible local action through education, research and advocacy.

We invite you to join us for outings, programs, and meetings, and to educate and advocate on behalf of our natural environment.

Bexar Audubon Society Board of Directors
President: Patsy Inglet
Vice President: Greg Pasztor 
Secretary: Britt Coleman
Treasurer: Fred Loxsom
Past President: Anne Parrish

Education & Outreach: Sherie Gee and Patty Leslie Pasztor 
Conservation & Advocacy: Britt Coleman and Anne Parrish
Communications: Greg Pasztor
Newsletter & Website: Lora Reynolds
Membership: Michael Shaw